Special Collection: The ABC Case

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Special Collection: The ABC Case


The ABC case Official Secrets trials 1977-1979


Special collection donated by the late Crispin Aubrey's family. Extensive: Trial evidence and statements plus transcripts: 2.5 filing cabinet trays., Includes Agee-Hosenball deportation case.

Collection Items

Campaign Material
- Department: provided evidence against
- Press Cuttings: 22nd Feb 77 'Others may be involved', Daily Mail after the arrest
- Eventing Standard: 'American writers must go!'
-Leaflets: 'Five charges gone, four to go'; Leveller case Colonel B…

Campaign Material
- Photocopies of letter from John Berry
- Letters about the arrest
- ABC Public Relations Strategy

Reporting on Trial
Donated to the defence campaign

John Berry Statement
-Background to the Pentagon Papers, including someone breaking rank
-Statements, revised or otherwise: events as it occured to John
- Winslow Peck information

Pincher: MI5 revelation
- Daily Express Journalist in the pocket of the security services (embedded): Rumours of military take over

- Background material to Crispin's book

Statements + Agee articles
-Early exposures of what CIA was up to. The Pall Mall farce and 'three wise men'
- Phil Kelly manuscript 1978 'Deportation of Phil Agee'
- Draft book by Phi Agee
- New York Times press cutting

Agee Hosenball documents and statements
Part One

- Larry Grant submission doc to the 'Three wise men'
- Briefing on Deportation Procedures on Agee and Hosenball case
- Caprino Case
- Agee-Hosenball Defence Campaign minutes
- Concerned Americans
- Jamaica Destabilised
- Covert…

Trial: Jury
Jury vetting under scruntiny

Time Out article
Pieces about or written by Hosenball.

Agee Hosenball Press Cuttings - Indexed
Meticulously indexed press cuttings on the case, by Crispin

- What was Berry trying to reveal
- Spying on friends, giving it to the US
- Why Cyprus was important
- New Statesmen 16 May 1980: Jock Kanes
- Eavesdroppers - Time Out article, tracing the rise of eavesdroppers 21-27 May 1976
- Statement of…

ABC Press, Secrecy and D-Notice
Michael Joseph (Background to the chapters in Crispin's book)

Misc Local Press
- Pavement / Birmingham Enquirer
- Letters
- Camden News Journal

Theatre and Film Time Out
Time Out draft article, statement from former lecturer - British Drama League

Bader Meinhoff article

Phone Tapping
Press Cuttings
Phone tapping was how they found out in the first place, tapped NCCL and Time Out
Leveller and ‘Rights’ by Liberty (NCCL)
Draft article on surveillance
Post NS example of tapping: manuscript
Draft stories by Crispin

Usage of police computers
Press cuttings
(Miners Strike)
Duncan Campbell in new scientist
Police Arrest / Interview for Crispin

State Surveillance: Computers
Press Cuttings
Copy of the Diplock Report on the Interception of Communications
State Research Vol 4 (April 1981)

News on Sunday
Venture for a new radical weekly news
-Articles on it (1895)
-Most of a sample copy
-The prospectus
Letter of liquidation

Press Cuttings: End of Trial
- Draft articles
:Background Paper - Agee and Hosenball
- Edward Thompson letter
- Time Out issue ‘Almost Innocent’.

m16 Press Cuttings
(Phil Agee etc, GCHQ worked together with MI6)

Including Ireland (not N.Ireland which was MI5). Collection of some of the things Britain got involved in.
(Context to why it was interesting to bring to Prosecution)

Press Cuttings
Post trial

m15 press cuttings
-Article on Tony Benn being approached by MI5 after leaving the Navy
-Article ‘cloak without dagger

offical secrets law
The Outer Circle Policy Unit 1978
House of Commons Debates and Statements
Statements from the Home Sec, Mr Rees (?)
NCCL conference 1976 Official Secrecy

1st Jury list
Provided by the defence lawyers
List of Jury checks: Looking at their likelihood of being sympathetic to official secrets
Extraordinary detail.

Press Cuttings 1979
Peace News: Sigint/ Return of Colonel B.
Post trial

Crispin's Diary
Handwritten descriptions from arrest to end of trial.
Fascinating handwritten accounts of arrests

Special Branch
State Research - Background Paper on Special Branch
Lennon Case
Where former SB members went
Note of examples of SB surveillance of the left
Use of Part time informers
NCCL undercover SB man inside

Press cuttings: Colonel B
Leveller magazine
House of the Lords case against Leveller. NUJ and Peace News
Colonel B hearing statement
Press Cuttings

Correspondence from MPs
Letters - including from Penguin and Edward Thompson
Copy of the ‘Whistle Blowers’ BBC transcript - 13 May 1979

Official Secrets FOI
Press Cuttings

US Citizens spied from abroad

-Letter: Political Rights Defense Fund: Appeal for solidarity
-List of CIA docs contained in the kit referred to in accompanying advance article in International Press 24 docs: Trotskyists Targets
-‘The Nation’ -…

Sam Silkin Labour Att.Gen
-PLP Meeting speech notes
-ABC Campaign Letter
-Press Cuttings

Press Cuttings
Ryder / Humphry Story NSA in Britain 1974 - Draft

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